Thursday, November 7, 2013

Simple. Beautiful. Joyful.

This past week has been stressful

Wedding planning is a bundle of nerves! Especially when things go wrong and your perspective is off - which is exactly what happened to me. 

You see, for weeks I've told myself there are only 5 things that I need for my wedding. 5 things. And if I'm without one of them, it's THEN that it's the "end of the world". Otherwise I have no need to worry.

Five things...
1. I'm in a white dress...
2. Walking down the aisle toward David.
3. Surrounded by family.
4. The guests are blessed.
5. God is glorified. 

And that's it. Or, so I began to train myself. I would tell people my ideals and they would smile and nod...inwardly thinking this chick has no idea.

But you know what? A stress free wedding isn't just an "ideal". It's a possibility. The only thing standing in my way is - ME. 

When my perspective of life is skewed problems look so much worse than they really are. 

I must choose - daily, hourly, by the minute - to be joyful, stress free and peaceful. The Lord doesn't delight in clamor or disarray. Take a look at that sunset, it's perfect, in order and well-done. A baby's face, hands, chubby legs - created with perfection.

God is faithful. 
He has a reason for the little inconveniences. 

And truly, that's all they really are, little and inconvenient. That's the problem with the wedding industry. It promises to make your dreams come true...for the right price. Now throw in pinterest, where your dreams can come true with only a little DIY. 


Weddings are out of control. Creating stress, dissension and unhappiness, all because your cake isn't exactly the flavor you wanted. Or because you can't wear those $300 shoes. 

When I look back on my wedding day I want to remember words like simplicity, joy, peace and bliss. When I remember moving into our first home, I want to remember the excitement and anticipation of a new home with my beloved. 
When I remember my attitude and the way I treated people I want to remember treating them with patience and kindness and servanthood. 

I'm pretty sure I won't care about the wedding day details. I mean, I'll care. It's a representation of the marriage between Christ and His church. So it's definitely important. But if I'm glorifying the Lord, that's all that I should care about. "Should" - yeah, I'm getting there. But it's a goal. 

I don't want another day like yesterday, so I'm choosing to focus on the simple. The beautiful. The joyful. 

God is faithful in the small things...won't He be faithful in everything?

The answer is yes. 

So if it rains on my outdoor wedding - there's a reason.
If there's not enough dessert - there's a reason. 
If I don't have my original photographer - there's a reason.
It's ordained by God, for a purpose. 
And it's going to be totally perfect. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

happy weekend!

^^ Dave drew this monogram for our invites. I'm in love!

This weekend Dave and I have some wedding-oriented tasks to work on. We're getting our engagement pictures done, shopping for wedding bands, finalizing the groomsmen suits and getting the invitations ready to mail out on Monday. Hopefully we'll be able to fit in some much-needed relaxing!

What are you doing this weekend?

Saturday, September 14, 2013


My favorite season.
The temperature outside may be 85 degrees, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the leaves crunching under my feet.
All of this...

Makes my heart happy.
I'm so go to a football game with brother at his dress up for put on tights and get to wear my scarves and hats and drive to the mountains and pick see the changing of the drive my convertible in the cool, crisp stuff myself at Thanksgiving...and to marry my best friend in the heart of the season <3

Friday, September 13, 2013

Wedding stuff... {Dave, do not read this post}

Wedding prep has been going really well! I'm such an organization freak, I have everything outlined and scheduled, with lists to tell me what to and when to do it - and we're still 64 days out! 

I just received my veil in the mail and went for my second dress fitting. Oh my word, friends, it's coming together so well! I'm a little nervous about sharing pictures on here, just in case David decides to look at our blog...but I'm like 99.9999% sure my dear fiancee won't look...sooo here's a sneak peek for my blog readers!! 

My dress is still in the alterations phase and needs a couple other details fixed. But I am SO in love with it. I bought the original dress for almost nothing at a consignment shop, knowing that it needed a lot of work. I've invested in an AMAZING seamstress to make all the adjustments for me. It was "the" moment for me...realizing that I had the dress of my dreams.
My veil:

It's a chapel length drop veil with a blusher, with a floral crown. I never thought I'd be a veil person...but the idea of the magic behind it and the fact that its as totally BRIDAL made it irresistible.

I don't want to give TOO much I better stop here. Though I'm dying to talk about all of my plans! I guess you'll have to wait for wedding pictures!
Oh and PS here's our wedding website: David and Elisa
Much love! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Kind of missing Culinary School...

Especially days where we toured such beautiful vineyards. 
So stunning...
I maybe would love to own a vineyard one day, and make delicious wines and jellies.
 To sit on the screened-in porch of my elegant stone house, drinking wine and eating bruschetta.
 To be harvesting grapes as a gorgeous thunderstorm rolls up, forcing the harvesters inside to eat, drink and be merry.
To live in a Chateau, with beautiful rolling hills of grape vines.

Wine Appreciation class definitely contained quite a bit of daydreaming.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Once upon a time there was a girl in love, who wasn't a huge fan of animals. I mean, they were ok...but not something she would ever own, or think of owning. 
She got home from school one day and her mother said, "Did you see what David brought home?" (David was the name of her Love, you see)
"What is it?"
"Go look outside..."

 And the girls heart melted completely away and she fell even more in love with that wonderful man of hers.

(Update: the dogs ran away during the night, so sadly David didn't get to keep the dogs after all)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

today the mailman brought me...

this beautiful birthday present from mom and dad :)

I cannot wait to have this as my name!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Church Love...

Don't tell, but sometimes Dave and I laugh and joke around in church.
Shame on us!

And sometimes if Dave isn't there I get so lonely. And so cold without his arm around me.
I am so blessed. 

Just Us.

We watched "Barefoot in the Park" on Sunday.
I am completely Jane Fonda's character (though not quite as obsessive. but almost.)
And Dave is similar to Robert Redford (just a lot more fun and less stuffy).
We were cuddling on the couch and laughing out loud.

"Make him feel important. If you do that, you'll have a happy and wonderful marriage - like two out of every ten couples." {Ethel, Barefoot in the Park} 

Pic of me and Dave at his company's Christmas party.

Friday, August 9, 2013

What does the "C" stand for?

Got this adorable Bridal Tea invitation in the mail today ^^
The C really took me off guard until I realized it stood for my soon-to-be-brand-new-Last name: COBB!

Hooray :) 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

today was my birthday!

It was simple and lovely.
Dave had to work - which was sad. But the rest of the family made up for it.
Breakfast in bed:

{Brother looks like a little midget.}
Waffles with warm blueberry sauce and whipped cream with watermelon and OJ.
It was delicious - thanks family.
Oh, and brother picked me some flowers.

But then I had to work: 

On my birthday, for heaven's sakes!
After work we hung out with Dave's best friend (and Best Man) - Dan. He's great!
My day was finished with jalapeno poppers, White Chicks and Reed's Apple Ale.

On to my 22 year! I wonder what adventures this year holds.

hello little blog

Leesi and Dave. 
Completely in love. 

This is us.